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French Riviera Yacht sales

At Aquila Yachting we have been specializing in yacht sales for over 45 years.

Whether you are looking to buy a new yacht or a secondhand yacht on the French Riviera, we will ensure that your requirements are met by presenting you with the best options on the market, guaranteeing you a personalized choice and total transparency.

We offer you a complete range of yachts in a variety of models, sizes, and styles, from luxury yachts to smaller, more economical boats.

Buying a yacht is a big decision, an extraordinary adventure. It is crucial to clearly define your needs and expectations and to surround yourself with a team of experts to help you choose the ideal yacht.

Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge of the yachting market and our ability to listen to your needs, we will be able to accompany and guide you through the various stages of buying your yacht.

We will advise you on the different types of yachts on offer, their advantages, and disadvantages, to help you find the ideal yacht that meets all your expectations.

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