Charter general conditions yachts

General conditions applied in the Western Mediterranean according to the contracts of the MYBA, Association of Mediterranean yacht brokers (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association)

The charter price includes :

- Rental and insurance of the ship, with all its equipments in order
- Salaries and food of the crew
- The laundry costs of the laundry used on board.

All additional expenses will be borne by the tenant, including food and beverages for the tenant and his guests, fuel costs (main engines, generators, annexes, jet skis, etc.), laundry costs for personal effects, communication costs, dock fees, postage, customs formalities and local and/or national taxes.

Advance on provisions (A.P.A.) is to be paid on the balance of the lease. According to MYBA terms, this amount is generally in the order of 25% of the total price of the rental, but in some cases it can reach 30%. This amount is used to cover the operating costs of a charter such as fuel, food, beverages, port fees, and small one-time expenses. The A.P.A. will be given to the master before the start of the lease. It will ensure that the yacht is fully fuelled and fully stocked at the time of boarding. If it is possible to request a statement of expenses at any time during the charter, the master will provide you with a complete report at the end of the lease. If during the stay the expenses were to exceed the amount already paid, additional cash will be requested immediately. Any remaining credit will be fully repaid at the end of the lease.

Note that travel costs may apply if the contract requires the lease to start or finish outside the home port of the yacht.