Luxury yachting a tale of passion

Although the Aquila Yachting adventure was launched some 30 years ago, it actually began much earlier... back when Daniel Bussani, its CEO, was still a child. Following in his father’s footsteps, who began his professional career as a Captain, Daniel founded Aquila Yachting in 1988. Right from the outset of his activity, by drawing on the experience he had acquired through decades of partnering with his parent, Daniel offered his clientele a level of satisfaction which met their highest expectations. Aquila Yachting was, in all logic, poised for exponential growth. Yet, it goes without saying, Daniel was not about to rest on his laurels.

In 2000, he took advantage of the boom in high-end yachting to ride this emerging trend. He chose to focus his activity on selling, managing and chartering luxury yachts.
A reorientation which turned out to be such a success that the company earned a reputation for excellence in the field. The quintessence of our business, our commitment, is to invite a privileged clientele, questing for premium services, to fulfill dreams, to touch magic, to live unforgettable moments.

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