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"Everything starts with a dream..."

Our Story

Life offers us a thousand and one reason to move forward, a thousand and one dream for which we are ready to fight, for which we stand up every day nourished by our inspiration. Inspiration is what touches our heart, our soul, it’s a path we want to follow, an idea we want to deepen.

The Aquila Yachting adventure began several decades ago when Daniel Bussani its president was just a child. His father was captain of a ship and sometimes he went to sea for several months before being able to get back to those he loved more than anything else. All the while the little boy that he was, was constantly probing the horizon, his face filled with sea sprays and his heart full of hope. For Daniel, his father was a hero, he was doing the best job in the world!!!

He went on adventure to explore beautiful places; he braved winds and storms to pilot the boat in the middle of the oceans. He was responsible for the people on board and led them wherever they wanted to go with the passion and authenticity of the great men in his heart. This is how Daniel found his inspiration, from the admiration he had for his father, to the burgeoning passion he felt for the sea, he had a reason to move forward, a dream to fight for.

Today, Aquila yachting remains a historic family business, following in the footsteps of its founder and keeping focus on the values instilled by him, Authenticity and Humility.

Daniel Bussani has surrounded himself with passionate women and men, forming the pillar of Aquila Yachting. A team united by common values with the ambition to share the love of sailing and yachts. During all these years, Daniel Bussani has been able to gather the professionals of the sector and to remain faithful to them.

Today Aquila Yachting is specialized in sales, charter, management and consulting services for yacht acquisition

Because of its expertise and authenticity Aquila Yachting is beginning to know a deserved rise but no way for its president to stop here.

Interview with Daniel Bussani, CEO of Aquila Yachting

Our Team

Daniel Bussani


"Bringing everything into balance is good, bringing everything into harmony is better."

Enrica Mazzoli

Accounting & Finance

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."

Céline Rozzo

Branch Manager & Legal Expert

"When life puts a stone in my path, I don’t make a wall of it, I see it as beautiful I build a bridge."

Pascale Boretti

Yacht Management

"What counts cannot always be counted, and what can be counted does not necessarily count."

Virginie Marguglio

Marketing & Communication

"Take your brushes, take your colours, paint paradise and enter."

Quentin Ducruit

Sales Broker

"The real failure is not to have done everything to succeed."

Alexandre Filonoff


"Genius is only madness until it works."

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