For business events, seminars, conferences, but also for product launches or promotional campaigns for luxury brands, the rental of a yacht is synonymous to exclusivity and will create a lasting impression for your guests.     

There are several ways to secure the use of a yacht for a corporate event. When it sets sail, it can generally carry a total of 12 passengers, according to applicable regulations (some yachts can accommodate up to thirty guests). This limited capacity only serves to highlight the exclusivity of the event you’ve organised for your guests.

Charters out at sea or in the marina

 In this configuration, for your professional and private events, Aquila Charter offers a wide range of turnkey and customised services. If the yacht remains moored, it’s a different story, and the capacity is much greater. In this context, Aquila Charter, a company that has been active in the yachting business for more than 30 years, stands ready to satisfy your every need, with a presence in the ports of Cannes, Saint- Tropez, Monaco and other marinas of the French Riviera. Why don’t you come aboard, Aquila Charter will take the helm and transform your project for you and your guests into a unique and unforgettable yachting experience.